The following videos are the only documented interviews ever given by the renowned interior designer George Chimirri. These short films document some of his work in Christchurch during the 1990s.

In essence, they are time capsules of their time, because following the devastating Christchurch earthquake in February 2011, most of the historic public buildings featured in them have since vanished forever, either being totally destroyed or so badly damaged nescessating their ultimate demolition.

In the following programmes George Chimirri outlines his design philosophy and clearly articulates the reasoning that is required to make any design project a success. There are 5 programmes in the series, which is approx one hour in duration, which we hope you will find informative and will enjoy.

The obliteration of a portfolio of some of his life’s work in Christchurch was a bitter blow but he still continues to work internationally and has just returned to China in 2016 after an absence of some eight years to resume his design work.

If you are unable to play this youTube video you can download the video here (808mb mp4 file).